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A bit about Gwennol...  


My name is Gwenllian Llwyd, I am a Welsh-born, London based artist and designer. My brand is called Gwennol, which is the Welsh word for Swallow, a bird that has inspired art, music and folklore through the ages. I have had a great interest in jewellery ever since I was little. I remember wearing a ring on every finger at school, despite school rules!


Born in a small village called Talgarreg in West Wales, I grew up surrounded by strong, creative, Welsh speaking women who, along with the colours of my homeland, have inspired the bold pigments and forms of my jewellery.


After finishing my master’s in Fine Art course in 2019, I moved to London which is where I now design and create every piece of my bespoke collection.  


All silver used is sterling silver therefore won’t cause irritation to skin.


Sustainability is my largest priority. All of my products are made with Sterling Silver, Copper and enamel; all my products will be long lasting and durable if correctly cared for.


An important aspect of running my business is to make sure that my brand’s environmental footprint is as small as possible. Here are some examples of how this is achieved: 


  • All products are made to order which means there’s no waisted stock.

  • High quality sterling silver is used on each item. This means the jewellery will not turn green and will last for years if cared for correctly.

  • All packaging is recyclable, reusable and / or from recycled materials: cardboard box, tissue paper, business and greeting cards, cotton/linen pouches, stickers and brown tape.   

  • All jewellery comes in recyclable 50% cotton/50% linen pouches that can be re-used to store jewellery or other trinkets and items.

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